Is the blog comment dead?

There was a time when the comment on a blog was “king”. As an early adopter BFBT (Before Facebook Before Twitter) blogger, we lived for the comment. We wrote long-form prose and after we posted our blog post… we feverishly waited for the first comment to roll in.

There was no immediate feedback like the current-day micro-blog and instant status update. You sometimes waited days, if not weeks in those early years. Back when the blogosphere wasn’t saturated.

I recently attended a webinar given by one of the present-day blogging guru’s Chris Brogan on “Blogging for business”. In it he shared some valuable information with numerous tips and suggestions on how to improve your blog including content creation.

One thing he said settled deep in my belly. He casually mentioned how he feels about blog comments, and that they should be turned off completely.

This caught my attention and I had to investigate it further. Thanks to my friend Google I discovered a blog post Chris created back in 2014 titled Turning Off Comments and Why We Will All Be Okay.

The take home message from that post was that the blog “comment” was no longer what it used to be. It was a breeding ground for spam. Not only spam, but commenter self-promotion.

He hit the nail on the head. While my blogging has needed a recharge lately after it took a bit of a nose-dive (I failed to give it the attention it deserved), I can tell you my blog comments are nothing but spam mixed in with the occasional true and genuine remark. Roughly, one in every 40 blog comment is a real human being letting me know their thoughts on my blog post.

Besides, this day and age we have so many other avenues of communication. In fact we’ve integrated other social platforms within our blog comments (Facebook sign-in & commenting) to extend the conversation. Why not take it one step further?

Therefore I’ve decided to put the kibosh on the commenting function to my personal blog (My Strong Medicine) as well as my Podcast (The Change of Shift). The few comments I would receive did not outweigh the time I wasted discarding the spam.

Quite honestly, I’d much rather hear from you through other means so that we can have meaningful dialogue about your thoughts on my posted words.

What do you think? Is the blog comment dead?

I’m an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, host of The Change of Shift Podcast and have been a Nurse blogger for 10 years. I’m a mentor, educator, leader, coach and consultant (#asktheNP). My website is a social media vault for all nurses across their career spectrum who are seeking guidance on how to succeed. I hope we can connect!

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