“This year will be different”…

“A new me” …

“…more focused ”…

The resolutioners are in full force. My social media feeds are flooded with the magical New Year transformations that everyone promises (but few accomplish).

I for one don’t believe in this magical force that overtakes our airwaves (gymnasiums ) and way of life when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st every year.

I firmly understand and passionately believe in the notion that goals can be created at any time of the year and that most resolutions are just empty promises fed to us on a marketing platter. Goals and decisions are accomplished because of your dedication and discipline to the cause. We can glitter our failures with as many excuses and passive aggressive blame-gaming as we want, but at the end of the day that goal is your responsibility. Period. You either got it done, or you didn’t.

I think we spend too much time with the hype. We spend too much time trying to create this amazing plan and coloring our “resolution ” some exotic color so that we stand out from the crowd. We have to download the latest app, follow the latest trend (or hashtag) or overthink the actual goal itself.

When instead we need to simplify the whole concept. Make it manageable, make it edible, and make it possible. Don’t set yourself up for failure by overextending yourself before the year even starts.

This is where the “3 words” exercise hits a home run, thank you Chris Brogan.

Since 2006, I’ve been inviting people to shift how they approach their year and how they frame their goals and intentions. I created the “My 3 Words” exercise because most resolutions aren’t especially helpful. We decide something vague like “I’ve gotta get in shape” or “I’ve gotta quit smoking” or “I need to make more money” but while these are all great goals, they’re not really useful as ways to guide our activities throughout the year. I thought that maybe we could come up with something better, something more useful, something that would work within our thought process daily and not just for the first seven or eight days of the new year.
My 3 Words for 2015

I heard about this exercise a couple weeks ago listening to one of my regular Podcasts Kate’s Take: The EOFire Audio Blog. Then my good friend Drew Griffin mentioned it during a conversation we had, and then shared his “My 3 Words for 2016” on his personal blog (hat tip to my friend for always being a great mentor).

I took this as a sign. Dear Karma, I hear you loud and clear.

So here are my 3 words (along with my hashtags I’m using):

Unapologetic #relentless

This past year I was let go from a blogging job. A job I had for 6 years where I was contracted to blog for another company. Since then I’ve had to re-discover and re-invent myself online. Part of which is parsing through what people like or dis-like (the power of social media). As a contracted blogger I had to behave a certain way and blog about content that was approved and popular (I mean they had a business to run). Since then I’ve wasted a lot of time worrying about what my fans think of me and my social media updates. Hesitating to say certain things and being careful not to offend anyone, ensuring I was politically correct.

Well that stops. I’m going to be me. Unapologetically me. Flaws and all. While I’m a professional and assume a leadership role as a Nurse Practitioner. I’m not always an NP.

I swear. I curse and I speak my mind. I have my passions and believe in living life to the fullest. I’m a mentor, educator, leader, coach, and motivator. I have a wealth of knowledge I want to share, but it will be done with my color and moxie.

Acknowledge #ownit

I’m vowing to get over my own “Impostor Syndrome”. I’m going to practice what I preach and begin to believe in myself. I will own my success. I’ve earned my place here. Not everyone can do this job. I have a unique set of skills that can provide value to those who want my help.

It’s not bragging, just confidence with a hint of cockiness.

Drive #mettle

I am making moves to start a new media venture. Sean Dent Spark Media is slowly taking life. I’m having a single-minded hustle to develop my venture into a real company while making myself better. My drive is multifaceted. I need the drive to let my Media company develop, but also to improve my time management skills.

And as a sidebar, I need to literally “drive” myself through this knee injury. An obstacle that I’m attacking head-on. This severe knee injury is a blessing for me. It will make me pay attention to my physical health more now than ever. To practice what I preach. It will be a wonderful piece of evidence to prove I can help others tackle such a daunting challenge.

#bringit 2016.

I’m ready.

Originally published on My Strong Medicine

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