Pages or Screens?

You are either exist in one camp or another. You can’t walk down the middle of the road and you can’t say it doesn’t apply to you.

Which camp do you live in?

The new age electronic eBook?


The traditional paged paper book?

I’ve never been able to enjoy a book by reading it on my electronic device. Whether that be my iPhone, iPad, Kindle or other eReader device. It just feels too much like work. I still enjoy saving my place with a dog ear, I pull out my traditional high lighter, pen or other colored pencil. I even write notes in the margins.

Sure, you can save money buying the eBook. And I absolutely still buy a ton of eBooks, but when I’m reading for pleasure and just want to enjoy a good story…. I want paper book in hand. I still enjoy referring to the paperback..

Call me old fashioned I guess.

I mean these are important life questions here.

P.S. (I said “old-fashioned” NOT “old”…lol)

Originally published on My Strong Medicine

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