Ahmad Rahami

When Ahmad Rahami was younger he was the “cool kid” on the block, the kids gave him the nick name boo and he loved to have fun. When he decided to marry a Pakistani women, everything went down hill from that point on. At the age of only 28, Rahami had chain of bombings this last weekend in New York and New Jersey. Officers took him into Custody on Monday in New Jersey for five accounts of attempted murder.

Officer Shoots and Kills Unarmed Man!

On Friday a video footage came out showing an officer shooting a man to death walking to his car with hands up. On Friday Terence Crutcher only 40 years old can be seen walking from the edge of the road to his vehicle before you see him hit the ground. On Monday during a conference, Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said that Officer Tyler Turnbough had tasered Crutcher, while a second officer, Betty Shelby, fired at him after he was not responding to what the officers were saying.

Twenty Year Old Stabs Ten People

This past weekend a 20 year old man by the name of Dahir Ahmed Adan in the Minnesota mall was accused of stabbing 10 people. He managed to stab 10 people before an off duty officer shot him dead. Thankfully none of the 10 people that were stabbed had serious or life-threatening injuries.

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