Going from a U.S. Navy veteran chef to a programmer

I have previously written about how I helped teenagers learn how to program. In that article, I shared some of the teaching methodologies that I found to be effective for engaging teenagers in learning to program.

In this article, I want to take a different approach and share a completely different personal experience in prepping a 30-year-old U.S. Navy veteran chef for his first coding interview.

Unlike the case of teaching a group of teenagers, the focus for teaching a grown-up is no longer being interactive or being fun. …

How to go from Scratch to an iPhone app in the App store

As a follow up to two of my prior articles, (How to teach programming to teenagers and Beginner’s Guide to Raspberry Pi), I want to share my experiences in helping a teenager go from coding in Scratch to building and deploying an iOS app.

As mentioned in one of my prior articles, I noticed that teenagers have a strong desire to do something that feels more real. …

It’s not all about Data Structures and Algorithms

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In the past, many enthusiastic parents have approached me and asked me how I learned to code in the beginning — mainly with the interest in finding ways to help their children how to code. And every time, I didn’t have a clear answer for them, because I learned to code at a much later age than most of the children of these parents. In the interest of helping these parents, I also tried to find resources that are made to help the children learn to code.

I discovered that there are a lot of resources help K-6 students learn how to code. Some examples include Scratch and the Hour of Code in Code.org which are quite useful for someone new to get acquainted with programming. …


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