On Colin Kaepernick’s “protest.”

Colin Kaepernick’s protest is intellectually lazy. There is nothing wrong with it per se but it is low-hanging fruit and an oversimplified way to deal with a complex problem in our society.

A protest signifies that a behavior will not change (the action of the protest will not end) until something changes regarding the thing that is being protested. So how long will Kaepernick take this action? All year? For the rest of his career? For the rest of his life?

Secondly, he is a very wealthy man — his contract for this year is 12 million dollars. Is he using his money to help create a community relations program to improve relationships between police departments and african-american communities or other minority communities? Is he using his wealth to create anti-poverty programs or firearm safety programs in areas where they are most needed? I don’t know, but that, to me would give his protest more substance. What he is choosing to do is very easy and yes, it does bring more awareness to these issues, but does it really address this complex of an issue?

Being a police officer is a dangerous job. Our police are more and more militarized partly in response to the fact that we have 300 million people here and we have a lot of guns. In many respects it’s a wonder more unarmed people aren’t shot by police each year.

Politically I’m liberal — I have been my whole life, but to me it would be nice to see a sports star or an entertainer work on a deeper level to address this rather than just sit for the national anthem.

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