On the face of it, the Amazon Dash Button is easy to understand: push the button and a day or so later, a product shows up at your door. Behind the scenes there are a ton of things going on, and we wanted to find out exactly what. Being a company that wants to discover what is possible and having a great deal of development experience, we knew that Amazon was connecting many different systems together to make such a simple action result in a real-world action.

Late last year at the annual AWS re:invent conference we were lucky enough…

Image credit: Carnegie Mellon University

At Mission Data, we’re always looking for ways to better serve our clients. When we start working with them, we explain how we generally adhere to agile methodologies to continually make sure we’re meeting their needs at every step in the development process. Over the years, we’ve gotten pretty good at the communication side of serving our clients. But we can always get better.

Recently, the industry has started looking toward automation to find better avenues for software delivery. Some of our associates representing development, design, operations, and quality assurance have been working to find opportunities to add value to…

Sean Smith

System Administrator, DevOps Junkie, & Aspiring Developer. Cooks up Chef recipes for @missiondata.

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