How North Carolina Moms Fought the NRA and Won
Kaaren Haldeman

No, Kaaren, you did not “win.” You lost. You just lost less than you could have. Sometimes we’ll move the ball 10 yards and get a first down. Sometimes it’s 5 yards and a cloud of dust. But we are moving the ball downfield every single year.

· This year we sacrificed the NC State Fair while preventing the Ag Commisioner from banning guns at any other Fair in NC.

· We now have “Shall Sign” in NC. That means that anyone who wants to purchase a silencer, short barreled rifle, short barreled shotgun, or machine gun can take his paperwork to the Sheriff and that Sheriff MUST sign his paperwork unless he’s a criminal and cannot own guns.

· We reduced the offense of carrying concealed in a “no guns allowed” zone to an infraction. Basically instead of a facing a year in jail and whatever fine the judge felt like imposing, it’s basically now a maximum $500 fine traffic ticket.

· We’ve fixed the stupid “guns on campus” rules. Now a parent may carry a concealed handgun in his or her holster and pick up or drop off their child. It used to be that they were required to stop off campus and put their legally carried concealed handgun in the trunk or in a closed container. No more.

· We also have an affirmative defense if you need to use your firearm defensively on campus.

· We know how much your angry anti-gun group would like to use new noise ordinances to close down shooting ranges. Blocked.

· We didn’t get a full repeal of Pistol Purchase Permits, but we did limit the things that a Sheriff can use to arbitrarily deny them, including reducing the number of offenses that can be used to deny them.

· Do you remember how you used to have to be a US citizen to get an NC Concealed Handgun Permit? Gone. Any legal resident alien may now get a NC CHP. I personally know a few non-US citizens who will be rushing out to get theirs.

· Last year we changed the law to permit silencers to be used for hunting. We think that was the decent thing to do, cutting down on rifle noise during hunting season. This year we’ve added short barreled rifles to the list. Now you can legally hunt with a short barreled, silenced semi-auto rifle. I’ll bet that just chaps your behind.

· And finally, the best part. We’ve created in law a legal cause of action against any of your pet anti-gun localities who decide to break State law and restrict firearms. Like how Raleigh still displays “No Guns” signs on the greenways in violation of State preemption law. Well the minute that part of the law goes into effect, you can bet that lawsuits will be filed. And lawyers will line up to take the cases because the law says that the judge will award reasonable attorney’s fees. How many of your pet localities will be willing to lose a lawsuit and pay us money after they lost? And how many will run straight out and rip down their illegal signs, telling you, and the rest of your Bloomberg paid minions, to get stuffed.

Does that sound like you won? I ask the readers, did Kaaren win? Was the millions of dollars of Bloomie money worth it? Did they get good value for their advertising dollar?

I don’t think so either.

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