Today marks the four-thousand, two-hundredth online appearance of my guys. Between the main comic, a secondary Facebook page with more… uhm… specialized cartoons, and a few miscellaneous images at sites like PanHistoria.com, I’ve toted in 4,200 stories and images having to do with everything from the unintentional affects of a widescreen 3D TV in your bedroom to parodies of haut couture to trying to make sense of American politics to, most recently, falling in love all over again.

Along the way, I’ve built a cast of seven core characters, each in their way celebrating one or another facet of this wondrous thing called Being a Homosexual in the 21st Century, all of them the kind of characters that, on occasion, my readers will smack me down with “Mik wouldnt do that!” — because sometimes they know my guys better, it seems, than I do. When you’ve hit that point, trust me, it’s something truly special.

It’s been a fun ride and is turning into one hell of a legacy for when I shuffle off this rock, and we will persevere to hit that 5K mark.

And I just wanted to share.

OK, carry on.

Perhaps the longest running LGBTQ comic strip in history, Sean Martin’s “Doc and Raider” can be found at docandraider.com. If you want to know about the Secret Page, hit him up on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sean.s.martin

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