Aesop, the Cat, and a Certain President

Some observations from above the 54th parallel…

Up here, in the Great White North, after two terms of a government that did squat for Canadians, the Conservative party was almost completely turfed out, reduced to three seats in Parliament. One more loss, and they would have lost caucus status. They learned their lesson: even when they returned to power, they knew not to fuck with Canadians — and when they tried, by trying to pull the same crappy things the American GOP is doing now, they were sent packing once more. And until they learn the error of their ways, they will never again see a Conservative Prime Minister in the next decade.

But you Americans… you complain and whine about bad your government is, then you send the very same people back into power who created the problems in the first place. It’s some kind of national S/M scene where everyone’s forgotten the safe word, and you’re tied up in bondage of your own damn making.

Honestly, what the hell is wrong with you people?

Protest parties and art installations and blog posts are all well and good, folks, but unless you completely overhaul your idiot congress, they’re also fucking useless. Until you completely reconstitute your various state and local governments, you will still see rampant gerrymandering and voter suppression and financial malfeasance, not to mention even more racial profiling and state-sanctioned LGBT discrimination. All the cute little Trump memes dont mean shit. Not now. Get your fucking acts together and stop dicking around. Start finding some candidates who can answer to all this and put them out there on display. Show people you mean business. Otherwise, what you have right now will seem like a glorious holiday in the south of France in comparison to what these… people… have in mind for you in the future.

And oh, have a nice day, eh?