Star Wars Symbology: The Visual and Psychological Proof That Luke Skywalker Is Snoke
Brian Deines

Al well and good, but may I kindly ask you to remember one thing…

It’s only a freaking movie.

It’s not the Bible nor the Koran nor the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It’s a film. A spaceopera. A shoot-em-up with fancy special effects.

And to be searingly blunt, folks like you do ruin the sheer pleasure of going to the cinema, putting the mind in neutral, and just enjoying what’s on the Great Big Silver Screen. Yes, the Star Wars series is wonderfully complex and layered: nine films and a couple of animated series and all the books and the horrendous “Family Day” special, all made with the express purpose of garnering lots and lots of cash, will do that sooner or later, even though one has to ask just how many times we’re going back to the well of Death Stars as a Plot Device.

Please, let’s not make it into the Second Coming of Gilgamesh, okay? It’s a franchise that’s made a kazillion bucks because folks want to read ever so much more into it than is actually, you know, there.