When Feminism Looks Like Fundamentalism
Rachel Darnall

Considering high heels serve no real purpose aside from forcing women into pseudo-sexual positions when they stand or walk… your whole thesis is starting to move downhill fast and picking up speed.

It’s one thing to say something has been designed with the female body in mind. It’s quite another when it’s designed to showcase those elements in a way that reduces the female body to just another object for men to enjoy. It aint rocket science to realize that a lot of those hideous red-carpet looks we see on every occasion are created for the sole purpose of getting sexual attention and nothing else, which — to me anyway — seems pretty damn reductive, considering it’s always the women doing it. Tell me, how would you react if all of men’s clothing was purposely designed to emphasize the crotch? (“Uh, ladies? The eyes are up here.”)

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