Oh, White Women
Farrah Bostic

Honestly, I’m seriously over all this buyers remorse about the election. Spin it all you want, but the simple fact remains that you guys had the easiest choice in decades, and FULLY HALF OF YOU STAYED HOME. And I dont think that has to do with whether or not Hillary can bake cookies. As with so many other things, you guys were lazy about this, pure and simple. You figured the election was a shoe-in and someone else could go stand in line when you clearly didnt want to waste the time or energy to do so.

And dont talk to me about her margin of victory in the popular vote. It represents less than one third of one percent of your population. That’s a pretty shitty margin of victory when it should have been a blowout.

As for the rest of your article… please. Advertising isnt selling information. It’s selling fantasy, and anyone who’s even been in marketing for more than five minutes knows this. Ads are built to appeal to the target market’s *desires*, not their reality. You might as well ask why everyone on daytime soap operas looks so drop dead gorgeous. You really think there’s a small town on the New England coast where the Gorgeous People all live and work as doctors?