Why America Fell While the World Rose
umair haque

IMHo, and speaking from a country north of you, the problem isnt the Constitution itself but the dogmatic approach you have to it… which sorta ties with the dogmatic approach the US has with just about everything. Since its self-imposed rise to being the World’s Policeman after WW2 (something no one asked for, ever) coupled with the near-mass hysteria of the McCarthy Era, in which dirty commies were apparently to be found under every bed and in every federal mint, the US has almost been a hell-bent track of building an empire: assuming military might, basically throwing down bases where it wants regardless of whether or not the host country (for example, Kuwait) even asked for one, and in general treating those John Wayne films about the Pacific Theatre as documentaries, not fiction. (If you want a bit of a bleak laugh, google “WW1 as a bar brawl” and see where the US fits into the overall arch.)

Then add into the mix that basically there is no one to stop it, not even Russia (which, truth be told, probably did win the war in the European Theatre), as no one else had the resources to spend on its military what the US does — currently, almost as much the next 47 countries combined, including Russia and China. The Cold War was essentially a world-wide masquerade ball, because there was no way the then Soviet Union could have kept up with the relentless military spending the US doled out, even during times of supposed peace. It has become an example of self-mythology now being seen as unvarnished history and acting in such a way that no one dare say otherwise.

With such a push towards force and might, it’s not difficult to see how such a narrow, military-first thrust would quickly run rampant through everything else in the American psyche. Those with guns are the real defenders of America’s sense of freedom and therefore its only real patriots. If you dont have one, you’re not a real American. Pushing that logic one step further, since white people are the only ones rich enough to afford to buy guns, then it has to follow that only white people with guns are the real Americans: if a black or Hispanic got one, then certainly it must have been stolen, and therefore we must be suspicious of any non-white who may be packing. And if one is white and does not own a gun, then one must be a globalist that believes in a socialist world government, and we simply cannot have that.

One final ingredient to this mess is the benefits of geography: isolated by two oceans, the US has always been relatively safe from any kind of attack, but now that caution is threatened… and so the US reacts the only way it knows how, with pre-emptive strikes against the supposed liberties it espouses to love, all done in the name of national security, which of course leads directly to a “no we’re not a fascist state like Russia… except when we need to be to protect our people” attitude. Then such things will be given truly Orwellian brands, like the “Patriot Act” (whose motto was “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”).

The problem isnt the Constitution. The Constitution is flexible enough to withstand all manner of change. The problem is the increasingly deranged American psyche, one not unlike an angry, rabid attack dog now backed into a corner of its own making with no means of escape.

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