The Particular Hustle of a Commercial Photographer
Pixel Magazine

It’s nice work, but…

(You knew that was coming, right?)

I think my problem with these is that they’re *too* well done. Look at the bachelor shot, for example. You’re trying to create the impression of someone who spends his day in his bathrobe, drinks milk out of the carton or a glass jar, and apparently cant cook… and yet his kitchen is clean as a whistle. Any disarray *looks* designed. Even the arrangement of things on the counter next to him look perfectly *placed* and positioned.

Yes, I realize ad photography has to be staged. We’re not talking theatre verite here. But when the overall impression is undercut by the details, then you really havent accomplished your end goal. You’ve made it less about the client’s needs and more about showing off what great creatives you are.

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