It’s OK to Hate College
Allie Long

OK, I’m gonna admit: after a while, I just glazed over this article, because — to be ruthlessly frank — it was a litany of self-victimization.

Perhaps things have radically changed since I went to university, and if so, I weep for you guys. Part of the “thing” about going to university is learning self-discipline and self-structure. It’s not the course work; it’s prepping for adulthood when Mom wont be there to wash your clothes and Dad wont be there with the wallet. By this point in time, you should be learning to be self-sufficient and self-motivated.

Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it’s frustrating. But seriously did you expect it to be easy? You declare by the end that college is a “game”. Yes, and part of that game is to ready for life after you graduate, to imbue you with the social skills needed to make that life work. Hiding away in your dorm room or standing outside the classroom wont cut it when you have to live on your own, unless you want to completely give up on any kind of self-responsibility.

Having trouble making friends? With all the social media options available today, I hope you’ll forgive my incredulity. “Back in my day,” he says while waving his cane about in the air, “ we had to actually meet people face to face; all you kids have to do now is swipe right. Or left. Or whichever way you swipe.” There has never been more opportunities for association — and yet somehow you couldnt find them? Did you even look?

And then your portrayal of college as some kind of reality show competition… please. You’re there to learn… so learn. Anything beyond that point is irrelevant, sorry. The only competition you have is with yourself because the other students in the room do not matter. They will not be hovering around when you take your finals, only you will be. If you’ve been focused through the term, you’ll do fine. If not, you really cannot blame anyone else, sorry. You knew going in what the reasonable expectations would be, so act accordingly.

I suppose I should be empathetic. I cant, sorry. College is an opportunity that not many can financially avail. Even here in Canada, where tuition is incomprehensibly cheap, it’s still not easy once you add in the living costs. But if the education itself means anything to you, then it’s worth it. Otherwise, you’re right: dont waste everyone’s time. There are plenty of people who would love to be someplace that you apparently dont want to be.