Why Is Syria Hell on Earth? Here’s The Ugly but True Answer…
Zaron Burnett III

Shall we toss one more fact in this? Everyone asked why the US didnt step in when the civil war in Syria was going south and picking up speed. The answer there is pretty simple: Syria was the outsource for all of America’s torture needs. The CIA had arranged to use a series of ghost prisons in Syria for the “detainees” captured in Iraq to be tortured at the hands of true masters of the art. That way, the US had plausible deniability with relatively clean hands.

And the only reason we know this is because of Canadian Maher Arar, a Toronto businessman who was on his way home when he was arrested in NY at JFK Airport. But rather than send him to Canada to be jailed (for reasons never specified, just general “security threat!”), they carted him off to Syria for a full year and a half BEFORE THEY REALIZED THEY HAD THE WRONG GUY. It was a freaking SPELLING ERROR.

So what does the Greatest Country on the Planet do? It dumps him in southern Germany without any papers or ID and essentially says, “Good luck, Jack,” no doubt in hopes that no one would believe his story and the US would get off scot-free while Arar would (hopefully) be seen as some kind of wild-eyed illegal immigrant and tossed into a German jail for perpetuity.

But Arar did make it to Berlin and did finally convince the Canadian embassy that he was who he said he was. He was flown home, and the Canadian government formally apologized for its part in this massive screw-up. The US has yet to. It wont even acknowledge that it happened, because to do so would mean admitting what it’s doing over there. Arar is just one. God knows how many more are there.

So right now the US is caught in an uneasy dance with all parties, which is why it hasnt really gone out of its way to help resolve this conflict. It wants to see Asaad taken down, but it also wants access to those lovely torture chambers. What to do, what to do………

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