So, You’ve Officially Made Pharah A Native
Dia Lacina

There are times when I tell myself, “Dont read the comments.” But I did. And look at all the people who just do not get it.

“Oh, it’s just a video game.” “Oh, Blizzard is such a good company.” “Oh you’re just being overly sensitive.” — and my favourite: “damn I wish the author had smallpox”. That’s… uhm… seriously classy, dude.

Yeah, let’s dump all over the author when the “really great” company creates this ridiculously costumed character and then tries (and fails) to hook her up with not one but two ancient heritages by making some equally ridiculous statement about her family having both First Nations and Egyptian roots. Wow. That’s, like, so authentically multicultural, man! Arent we cutting edge here?

Honestly, if Blizzard was going to be this blindered about it, why even bother giving her a backstory at all? Why not just call her the “Chick with the Big Tits and the Tiny Waist Wearing Armour That Probably Weighs Three Times What She Does” and be done with it? If it’s supposed to help someone “identify” with their own culture, it’s doing a pretty crappy job. If it’s supposed to make someone else feel “connected” to cultures not his/her own, it’s doing an equally crappy job. If it’s just an excuse for some millenial who cant get laid to fantasize about a woman he’ll never get in real life… well, Mission Accomplished!

Smallpox. Seriously, dude?? Even as a joke, that aint funny.

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