Do we really need to read books anymore?
Emily Cashour

“Yes, we should pay attention to these things.”

And sometimes, no, we should just ignore them and stop giving them relevance and importance when they dont merit it. I’m not saying to ignore the latest and greatest shiny squirrel in technology, but at the same time, it doesnt hurt to ask yourself, Why do I care about this? Is it going to change my life in any more than ornamental ways? Is Elon Musk’s latest interview going to make you a better person? Unlikely. Is knowing that Taylor Swift is involved in yet another PR-manufactured, social media “feud” going to impact you directly? I really doubt it. So much of what shows up in our mailboxes these days is, to be searingly blunt, useless crap that we seem to glorify for no reason other than, “Ooo! Look! SQUIRREL!”

As for books… your screenwriting-aspirant cousin is seventeen. By the time he turns eighteen, he will no doubt figure out that writing is hard work and maybe he should look for something else he can do that wont require as much time and patience as crafting a really good piece of filmmaking.

We are inundated with so much virtual input of such astoundingly low quality that a well-written book can be a relief…. even something by Edmund Spenser. Drop yourself into that world for a while and allow yourself the luxury of seeing that no one really cares who wore what on the Red Carpet.

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