But we voted for Trump to change those shitty wages and no benefits that permeated the 8 years of…
Jay Parker (I)

You Americans act like your president is some kind of royalty whose every wish will be granted. He’s not. He’s subject to the political whims of Congress, and during the Obama years, your Congress was a mess, a disaster, a complete and utter charade of the cruelest sort, determined to stop him at everything because, well, he was black and “not one of us!” and the people voted for him.

So your congress made sure that would never happen again and got you Trump. Congrats, I guess. I mean, we have Trudeau, who’s getting shit done because he works with Parliament, while you have a dysfunctional mess that you continue to vote back into office no matter how horrendous a job they do.

That’s what you need to work on, kiddo.

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