Oh I do. I am very well versed in American brutality, being black and all and regularly seeing my…
Amber Lisa

You dont know crap. You sit there and read about it, but you dont deal with it first hand, not with that self-sanctimonious attitude you have. You’re the kind that reads about it and says to yourself, ‘How can we let this go on?” — while taking another sip of your almond-grazed latte.

I repeat: go look in the mirror, then come back and tell me how not-really-so-awful your country is when it comes to its sense (or lack thereof) of foreign affairs. Someday, when you guys find the balls to consider actually making amends for everything you’ve done, across the entire planet, maybe then I’ll take your tsk-tsk seriously. Until then, you’re just another SJW… and just about as useless.

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