Eddie’s Development

Whilst I was writing Warlock At War (Arcane Inc. Book 4) this evening I had one of those moments when I realise how Eddie has changed since book 1. Character development is inevitable in any lasting series. If a character remains the same across a series it gets stale and boring. I understand that. I enjoy thinking about how Eddie is going to grow as a person but it’s when it happens on it’s on that it give me pause for thought.

He’s not as mocking as he used to be — not with everyone anyway. He’s less annoying and cares more about the consequences of things. I don’t remember these changes happening. I don’t think there was any one moment when the changes happened, I think it’s been a gradual progression across the books. I do worry, just a little, that he’ll change too much and not be the character the readers buy the books for. Of course, I could stop those changes but it would ruin the flow of the story. I very much doubt that he’s going to make a huge change into a completely different character and as long as he remains mainly the same readers will still love him. He’s never going to be an angel, but he is developing, against his own will, into a hero of sorts. That’s a development that I did plan and should have achieved by the end of the fifth book which I’m really looking forward to writing (yes, I’ve got it partially planned already and no I’m telling you anything).

I think that Eddie has been talking to the reader directly a fair bit less in this book so far. That’s something I’ll change when I do the edits. It made sense for him to do it a bit less in the books where he was cursed and was turning evil — he had a lot to deal with. But now he’s not cursed, he’s himself again and needs to get back to breaking the fourth wall. He’ll always be cheeky towards the reader as well, though I think he won’t be quite as insulting as he was in the first book.

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