Gamification Update

So, I wrote a blog about a month ago about trying to gamify my life. Now I’ve been trying it out I’ll give you an update on how it’s working. First of all, I still haven’t finished learning about gamification. It’s a much heavier subject than I realised and there are a lot of different theories on how it works etc.

Last time I told you about the app I got called Epic Win. Epic WIn assigns you an avatar and each time you complete something on the list of quests you get points. You gain miles on the quest map and you get some gold. There are also five stats that increase depending on the category of task you complete. As you progress your avatar gets new things. Mine has been rewarded with a new shield, hammer and cloak.

I thought the app was pretty nifty at first but after a couple of weeks my interest started to wane. Why? The rewards weren’t real. Seeing an avatar get new things wasn’t that interesting. I wasn’t actually getting anything. Some theories on gamification say that the stats alone are enough to keep you playing. That wasn’t the case for me.

After a few days of half-completing my list I decided to redesign the game. I knew that I needed to add a reward system that actually meant something to me. I decided to stop spending money on my hobbies and pastimes unless I earned the money. I designed a system base on the stats for the game. Each day I had to achieve a certain number of miles and pieces of gold as well as completing all my tasks on the list for that day. Each task, mile or piece gold under would result in a reward deduction.

It kind of reminds me of when I was kid. My parents came up with a system to make me behave. It wasn;t as complex as my system but it sort of worked. If I was good for a whole week I received a box of Warhammer. I used to accumulate several boxes and then take the week off. My Step-dad figured that out and changed the rules of the game. He made it a monthly reward. That was difficult to achieve so I stopped playing. But anyway, back to now.

The first week it didn’t work too well. I didn’t understand how the app calculated gold and miles which resulted in me not earning very much. I adjusted the game and the second week it worked really well. Most of the tasks on my list were finished and I got maximum daily rewards. Because I didn;t complete all the tasks I didn’t get the weekly bonuses. Oh well, I’ll try again this week.

The obvious problem with this system is that I can easily just give myself the money anyway. For some reason, I haven’t done that yet. I’m not sure why. The point is I’m enjoying myself and getting shit done. I’ll continue to research gamification and find ways to improve my system. Maybe try expanding it into other areas of life. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

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