Gamifying Life

This week I read an article which said that many successful people gamify their lives as means of motivating themselves to achieve their goals and get things done. Basically, they view life as a massive game (with dire consequences if you lose). Now, I’ve often made games out of boring tasks in order to get through them but the idea of thinking of my whole life as a game seemed a bit… well daft. Then I read one person’s account of it.

This guy used to play a lot of computer games and never got anything important done. When they started viewing life as a game everything became more interesting. He was more motivated to get shit done. He started being successful and because his whole life was suddenly an exciting game he didn’t need computer games anymore. His lesson was that games were an escape for him, but when his life became a game he didn’t need to escape.

When I started reading the piece, I thought the idea seemed insane. When I finished I was intrigued (and my paragraph above really doesn’t do the article justice and I can;t remember where I read it, so I’m sorry I can’t point you to it). I still wasn’t sure how it worked so I looked into it. I’m still in the process of learning about it but have taken one small step. I downloaded an app called “Epic Win”. The app is basically a to-do list but as you complete tasks you get points. You get enough points and you go up a level. You have a character (there are several RPG types to pick from) and the character goes up in stats as you progress through your tasks. My character is an undead skeleton called Calcium Facebone. Even now as I write this it seems daft. But I’m loving it. And it works. I’m burning through my to-do list — if only to hear the cool music as I complete tasks. I”m being productive. I’m getting shit done.

This is just the beginning. I’m going to research gamification a lot more because I’m fascinated. If I’m enjoying this app which is one small act of gamification imagine how much fun I could have if I gamified my whole life! I’ll do another blog about this once I’ve learned more and tried more things out. If you’re at all interested in this then you should definitely check out the app: Epic Win. And no, I had no, I don’t profit in anyway from you getting the app!

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