Live In The Moment You’re In

I spent the day with my family today. I hadn’t seen them in a while so it was good to catch up. I had a great afternoon with them playing around at Mote Park.

It was unusual for me at first because I’ve been fairly secluded over the last however many weeks. The only people I’ve seen have been Naomi and the guys at my day job. Other than that I’ve been shut away with my mind on my work. So, going to a large park that was absolutely packed with hundreds of people and no longer having my mind set to work was different. It took me a little while to shift my mind out of secluded work mode and into social mode. Every now and then my thoughts would somehow lead me back to something work related and I’d have to shake it off again.

Eventually, I did get rid of the thoughts properly. I did it by paying extra attention to what was going on around me. I watched the ducks on the lake. I paid attention to the games the children were playing (not that they made any sense to me). I listened to the conversations around me. I had a ride on a scooter. I ate an ice-cream and made a right mess of myself. I paid extra attention to all the things I did and all the things going on around me. I really got into the moments and I enjoyed them a lot more than I would have done if I’d allowed my mind to wander off (Although I did watch an old man a little too much — turned out to be an old woman as well, so perhaps I wasn’t watching her enough). I think that’s the point. You should try to focus your mind on whatever moment you’re in rather than letting it wander elsewhere. I don’t know if other people have that problem but I know I do. Whenever I go anywhere or do anything my mind is wandering to some other thing that I need to do later. But I shouldn’t it. Experiences are far more rewarding if you live them fully. Tomorrow I’m doing stuff with Naomi and must make sure I do the same again. Live in the moment and keep the work thoughts out.