One Week Later

It’s been a week since I scrolled through Facebook or read any news. I didn’t feel any different. I felt the same as usual and came to the conclusion that Facebook and the news actually had no impact on my life. So I went on Facebook again.

I scrolled down the feed and I saw pictures of my brother-in-law posing in a weird yellow dress. That was funny. There were pictures of my nieces playing around. I thought the only thing I was missing out on were good things. I kept scrolling.

I came across some nonsense about Theresa May going to Saudi Arabia and not wearing a headscarf, the comments full of people bickering. I saw that a dog attacking a child was shot dead. I saw that Nigel Farage is still being, well… Nigel Farage. Shirley off Eastenders is in prison. There were plenty of people moaning and arguing too. That familiar depressive mood started to creep over me again and I realised that actually, there was a difference over the last week. I was a lot happier before I went back on Facebook.

I’ve realised that despite the fact that all that horrible stuff happening (May not wearing a scarf, Nigel Farage) my life carried on perfectly well without me knowing it. I don’t need to know these things. They don’t change my life at all. There are good things on Facebook. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of my family for instance. The problem is, the negative stuff far outweighs the positive. So, I am going to go back being ignorant. Not totally, though. I will look at specific timelines to see the positive things. I won’t look on the negative people’s timelines and I won’t bother scrolling down my newsfeed which is just a long line of depression. I’m not going to bother looking at any news at all. So, selective ignorance is the way forward for me.