Reunion (The Cedarstone Chronicles book 4) is very close to being released now (April 3rd), so I wanted to tell you a bit about what’s going on in the book. Now, if you read the Arcane Inc. books (which are set 2 years after The Cedarstone Chronicles) as well then you’ve already been privy to a spoiler or two. You’ll know a couple of characters who survive and you’ll have read a thing or two about past events in Cedarstone. I should warn you that not all the things they say in Arcane Inc. are true — that’s just what those characters believe to be true.

So, what’s going on? Well, Clara finished book 3 by trapping Nick at the bottom of the ocean and locking up his followers in the magical SIT prison. Now, she’s given the job of getting as much information as possible out of them. Considering that one of them is her ex-boyfriend who was actually spying on her for Nick, that isn’t a task she’s looking forward to. I think that for anyone with half a brain it’s fairly obvious that Nick isn’t going to be down for long. It’s just a matter of time before he escapes and Clara knows it. She knows that she has to make the most of her time and prepare for the day he returns. She needs to know how to put him down for good.

As I said above, Nick will escape and when he does he will seek revenge one everyone who helped trap him. Sorcerers, werewolves, vampires, SIT and Clara Winters. He want’s all of them to pay for their actions. That’s not all he wants. He’s still got his plan to resurrect his lost love. IN this book he goes on the hunt for the final thing he needs to make it happen and yes, he does try to execute his 600-year-old plan in this book.

Richie is out for revenge on Isabella for murdering the love of his life and their fight ends up splitting the vampire clan right down the middle and starting a war between the sides.

Henry Montford is still at large and now he’s fed up of possessing other people. He wants his own body back. For those of you who liked Adam and feel like he should get some payback on the ghostly warlock, you’ll be happy with this book. Adam does return and he does face off with Henry. I won’t tell you the outcome because that would ruin the book.

So, I think I’ve told you enough. Lods of stuff to get excited about there. Unless you don’t like the Cedarstone books, in which case, why are you reading this? Reunion is out Arpil 3rd.