Taking A Night Off

I didn’t work this evening. I work most evenings but tonight I decided to take the night off. I painted some models, did a bit of reading and binge watched the rest of 13 Reasons Why with Naomi. It’s an awesome show by the way.

It felt a bit weird not working but I got over it quickly enough. I had fun doing other things. I’m not saying I don’t have fun writing, I do otherwise I wouldn;t do it. But sometimes it’s good to take a night off and focus on other things.

I think it’s important sometimes to remind yourself that there are other important things in life. I read a lot of biography books and books about the successful mindset and all that. A lot of the books talk about who developed their whole lives to their work and if you want to succeed you must too. I disagree. I think you should have more than one important thing in life. I love writing. It drives me but I love other things too. I love great TV shows, I love spending time with people I care about, I love getting out sometimes, I love playing games. I think it’s important to allow myself the time to do all the things I love otherwise that one thing I do all the time might end up not being a thing I love so much anymore.

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