Something You Love vs Something You Know Other People Love

I’m an online entrepreneur. I build websites and drive traffic to them with social media accounts. Not bragging, just letting you know why the topic at hand is important to me.

When I start a new project, obviously one of the first things I do is choose a niche. This is where you run into the problem illustrated in the headline. Do I choose something I love or something I know other people love? Well in a perfect world it’s both.

That’s not to say I am unable to succeed writing about something I love, such as the Pittsburgh Pirates. It’s to say that my upside is limited. So much competition. I am not going to outperform the bloggers out there already such as Whygavs, Rumbunter, etc. Those guys are the gold standard for Pittsburgh Pirates blogs. They are years ahead of me. They started blogging about baseball before everyone started. Or maybe they’re just that much better than me. Either way, I have a hard time believing I can get on their level.

So what is an example of a niche that I know other people love? Politics. Few things bring out mass amounts of love and hate like politics do. People hate Hillary Clinton so much that they will like AND share that Hillary meme they see on Facebook. Trump haters will re-post that infographic that calls every single Trump supporter they know an idiot and not think twice about it. That is why I have no trouble getting to 100,000 likes on an Anti-Hillary Facebook page and am able to create massive revenue from the page. Also that’s why I’m not worried about giving away my niche. There will never be enough political blogs to where I can’t profit from my own. Is it easier to profit because we are in an election year? Sure. But that doesn’t change the fact that almost 8 years into the Obama administration, the haters hate him every bit as much as they did 8 years ago and probably more.

Disclaimer: None of these statements are reflective of my personal beliefs.

So which is it? Do you choose something you love or something you know you can be successful with? Well many people, such as Gary Vaynerchuk firmly believe that you go with something you are passionate about. Some people lack passion so this is difficult. In my mind, if you are able to become successful, you then delegate the tasks. I’m not knee deep in political discussions every day to stay afloat of the current stories going around. That makes me miserable just thinking about it. But just know that in the beginning you are going to have to immerse yourself in your niche in order to create successful content.

So far I have been unable to make money doing what I am passionate about. But I definitely felt some passion writing this article. Maybe I’m onto something…

Until next time.

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