Why Celebrating the Power of Teamwork Is a Big Deal at SAP Ariba Live

Sean Thompson
Mar 14 · 3 min read

Few events bring people together like a championship series for team sports. From the Stanley Cup and World Series to the Super Bowl and World Cup, fans from every socioeconomic group, lifestyle and gender watch with earnest enthusiasm as their favorite team vies for that one coveted title.

Although each of these championship series is exciting, as a Gonzaga University alum, nothing matches the level of exhilaration of March Madness in my home. For the last 24 years, the Bulldogs men’s basketball team has taken teamwork to a whole new level, resulting in 21 appearances in the NCAA Tournament and with predictions for a return this year as the No. 1 seed.

As much as Gonzaga’s success can be attributed to recruiting incredibly talented coaches and players, it really all comes down to collaboration. Game after game, every player has an opportunity to break records and score points. But more importantly, the team works together — communicating strategies and pivoting based on silent cues — to take advantage of opportunities to outscore the opponent with swiftness and accuracy.

Just when I thought nothing could beat the energy of March Madness, my first experience with SAP Ariba Live last year quickly changed my mind. The showroom floor was buzzing with discussions with technology and business experts, customer stories, and groundbreaking innovations in procurement and supply chain technology, processes and culture. And behind every success was a powerful collaboration between customers and partners, not unlike the teamwork displayed by Gonzaga’s basketball players.

But this realization wasn’t a one-time fluke. In fact, this year we have over 180 reasons to celebrate the power of teamwork across our partner ecosystem. Covering everything from total spend strategies to supplier and risk management, customers and partners — including First Solar, Generac, Hallmark Cards, JP Morgan Chase, Made in a Free World, McKesson, Stryker Corporation and Zions Bank, just to name a few — will share their inspiring stories.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll likely see and hear if you join us for SAP Ariba Live in Austin, Texas.

Redefining spend management with disruptive intelligence

While efficiency, productivity, visibility, compliance and savings are still top priorities, operational flexibility, workforce nimbleness and disruptive innovation are also on every executive’s agenda. Guidance from our partners and technology from SAP Ariba are empowering our customers to quickly address changing business needs with a new model for intelligent spend management.

Finding competitive advantage today with the future of goods and services

With the combination of partners and SAP Ariba solutions, our customers have the trusted network they need to keep up with the evolving interests of their buyers and sellers. From forming business alliances and exchanging share information to building long-term strategic partnerships, our customers are maximizing their business investments, increasing their revenue, and outperforming their competition.

Delivering transformational outcomes as an open and collaborative ecosystem

Our partner ecosystem is the backbone of many customer success stories. Facing an increasingly connected marketplace, our customers are thriving in a community that increases the speed of innovation, extends insights and transparency, provides access to diverse suppliers, and shares industry knowledge. These partnerships built on trust and collaboration have brought to life a variety of new solutions, leading-edge best practices, and a clear view into the value of running as an intelligent enterprise.

Join me at SAP Ariba Live in Austin to celebrate the power of teamwork

Between the must-experience energy and culture of the city of Austin and the gathering of a diverse community of buyers, suppliers, and partners, there is so much to see and learn at this year’s SAP Ariba Live from April 1–3.

For three days, we’ll explore a range of innovative business networks, solutions, and analytics that deliver the insights you need to capitalize on countless opportunities. Plus, we’ll get a taste for what helps, as the saying goes, “keep Austin weird.”

And let’s not forget — we’ll have to catch up on our brackets as March Madness wraps up. Go Zags!

Written by

Senior Vice President of Business Network and Ecosystem at SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass. Follow @seantho or visit www.ariba.com and www.fieldglass.com.

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