Conspiracy Theory: Jimmy Butler Wants to Be a Star

… a Movie Star

Jimmy Butler will be a key cog in the USA’s gold medal run this year in Rio but that isn’t his endgame. He will be the Bulls’ best player on a horrifically assembled team, but that isn’t his endgame. Butler maybe the second best two-way player in the East behind LeBron James (it is probably Paul George), but even that isn’t his endgame. Jimmy Butler wants to be a movie star. Don’t believe me, let’s look at the evidence.

Friendship with Mark Wahlberg

(Chicago Tribune and Yahoo Sports)
(Just Jared and Sports Mockery)

Ever since he started his odd bromance with Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg, which I felt the need to prove with the photos above, Jimmy Butler has been on my mind. It just doesn’t make sense, they are from two different worlds, almost 20 years of age difference, one has a wife and kids, the other has neither, how are they friends? They have admitted to having very similar work ethics and understanding each other’s competitive drive. What if Mark is just being the big brother to help Jimmy into the industry? Still seems far from likely, I know, but look what happens next.

Now it one thing to copy a movie scene, that is far from wanting to star in a movie, but it is the way he brings it on himself. He seems to love the attention. Butler had made it a point, that he wanted to play point guard this year. Something that will definitely not happen with Rondo and Wade joining. Still showing that Butler wants the ball, the attention, the spotlight. And there is nowhere better to look for that all than Hollywood.

If there is anything diva-ish about that last paragraph that shouldn’t come as any surprise. All athletes who find ways to cross over into movie/television entertainment can have that word thrown onto them. A story last year that painted Butler in an odd light reminded me of another athlete turned singing entertainment star. Remember Mike Tyson? That story seems as crazy as anything Tyson ever did. And The Hangover scene was legendary.

Beyond all this, Butler is the real life basketball “Blindside,” giving him biographical movie options too. Butler has had a life that would be sensational for Hollywood. And he seems to have some affinity for the culture too. Don’t be surprised if in a few years he is cameoing in Wahlberg films and is able to turn that into a legit career when basketball ends.

Jimmy Butler is a star, but not the star he wants to be.