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Good read Kevin, this is the modern NBA, we all crave 6'6–6'8 wings and then there’s the one small guy so we can talk to our non-basketball-nerd friends about him.

If it was expanded to include bigs I’d probably list:
Domantas Sabonis- Great energy and skill, if he grows a mustache he will automatically be accepted in OKC. 
Skal Labissiere- The juxtaposition of him and Papagiannis will make him a hit by comparison. Plus the Skal-WCS front court possibility with Boogie at backup point guard could be fun.
Deyonta Davis- Another guy who fell, and he’ll will get tutored by fellow Spartan Zach Randolph who should be able to positively impact his development.
Ivica Zubac- I am just waiting for the moment when Lake Naysh (the equally annoying and proud off-shoot of Vape Naysh that supports the Lakers) starts calling for him to start over whichever of Mozgov or Yi isn’t injured.