They may be good at internet, but are they good at basketball?
Brandon Anderson

“Worst human being?”

Definitely not. He isn’t an All-Star like the rest of the Team USA roster, but by all accounts is a stand up dude.

He also, it should be mentioned, is the youngest guy on the team. Also if you go back just one major tournament we had Mason Plumlee and Kenneth Faried on the roster. I’d take Barnes over both of those guys.

He may not be a star but he’s a great role guy who knows how to play off of great players. He is definitely the 12th guy on the roster based solely on stats and accolades don’t get me wrong but when you’re playing competitive basketball it definitely helps when dudes know their roles. I’d probably take HB over DeRozan in terms of fit with the rest of the roster.

I understand that Barnes hate is fun, but calling him the “worst human being in history to don a USA jersey as a pro” is flat out absurd. Especially in light of Draymond Green’s last few weeks. But I’m sure a quick not-even-deep dive on former “Dream Teamers” would pull up more dirt than is on Barnes.