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I have goals. I have things I want to accomplish. Things I’m striving towards.

I have plans. I have blueprints for making amazing things. Things that will help people.

I have aspirations. I have places I want to be. Destinations that I will one day reach.

I have dreams. I have visions of big things. Things that will be but are not yet.

But I am here. I will always be here. Not that I will always be in this place, but here in the sense that I am where I am. Where I am is now.

Now is what…

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Money does nothing more than amplify the person you are now.

Can money buy happiness? Yes, but only up to a certain point.

We need to eat and we have basic needs that need to be met. We need a roof over our heads. If you can’t eat, that makes it really tough. There’s nothing fun or happy about seeing your family struggle, seeing them not be able to eat, or not having a roof over their heads.

Money can buy those things. Money can produce happiness. It can help you make a better life for your family, which will bring about happiness, but does money equal happiness? Does more money…

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Align what you love with what you hustle at and solve the balance.

What is hustle? What is enjoying life?

I think a lot of people have this aspiration for working really hard: “I’m going to hustle for 30 years and then I’m going to enjoy life. I’m going to work really hard. I’m going to do something I don’t like and then I’m going to go live in the woods and lay on a hammock, or sit on the beach and enjoy life. I’m going to work really hard doing something I don’t enjoy, hopefully make millions of dollars and then It’ll just relax and do nothing.”

The problem is we’re not…

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Do you want to be trapped and well paid or do your want freedom?

If you haven’t heard of golden handcuffs, it’s where you’re in a job that pays well and has good benefits, but for one reason or another, you don’t want to be there.

Maybe you hate the job. Maybe you don’t hate the job, but you don’t really like it. It isn’t really the kind of work you like to do or maybe the people you’re around aren’t great, they drain your energy, or stress you out. But again, it pays well.

It pays so well that you feel bad leaving it, or maybe you think you would look foolish leaving…

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Doing the unscalable things is the key to your long term growth.

So, you want to grow your audience, right? You’re looking at people with bigger audiences, you’re wondering how they got there, and what they know that you don’t. Maybe you’ve even tried to replicate what they do out of hopes that it will grow your audience.

But the problem with copying people who are further along than you is you’re not leveraging your unique advantage. That advantage is beingsmall.

I know that doesn’t really sound like an advantage because that’s exactly what you don’t want, right? You’re trying to grow, you want to get bigger, but:

Being small is your…

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“ blog is not a business, it’s a marketing tool to provide value.

So you’ve got a blog and you’re wondering how to monetize it.

Let me stop you right there.

You don’t monetize a blog. You don’t monetize a blog for the same reason you don’t monetize a billboard.

Why don’t you see people asking how to monetize a billboard? Because it’s an absurd question. Why do you have a billboard? You have a billboard to advertise. What do you advertise? You advertise your product or service.

What is the product or service I should sell? That’s a much better question.

You don’t have a monetization problem, you have a business problem.

A Blog Is Not a Business

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Specific, actionable steps to help you discover and reduce stress.

There’s generally two different kinds of stress that we’re talking about when we use the word “stress”. Stress can be a big issue that arises or it can be something more subtle that’s always present.

An example of a big issue would be if your website server suddenly went down, or a client project is due. Baseline stress can be much less obvious, but is still detrimental. It’s like having a rock in your shoe. It’s always with you and you get used to it, but it never gets better. …

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Using different mediums to get the most out of your content.

Yesterday, I talked about The Magic of 7 and how it takes hearing new information seven times in order to retain it.

This means for someone in your audience to internalize your message, they need to be exposed to it seven times.

Not only that, but when a person hears a message for the seventh time and it clicks, they will attribute the value of that message to the last person they heard it from.

You could let your competitors help out with making some of those impressions and hope that people come back to you for that magical seventh…

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It takes hearing new information seven times to retain it.

It takes hearing new information seven times in order to retain it. For you to really hear something and internalize it, you have to be exposed to it seven times.

So everyone is at a different stage of hearing a message. For some, it’s the first time. For others, it’s the third time. Some people may be on the verge of hearing something for that magical seventh time. That’s what I call the Magic of 7.

The Magic of 7

These seven impressions have to come from somewhere. People are exposed to messages in many different places. You may be the first to share…

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The pro method of getting new clients without looking needy.

Here’s the problem: You’re low on cash, you’ve got no clients in the queue and you need to get some more jobs.

Maybe an existing client canceled on you who had been on the schedule for awhile. Either way, you’re looking for ways to generate income. Your goal is to find some clients, get more jobs in the pipeline, and hopefully make some money with a relatively quick turnaround.

One relatively quick way to make money if you have expertise is to offer consulting. Here’s what I see most people do at this point:

  • They announce that they’re available for…

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