The Vision of August

The world of media will forever change when an artist can independently sell 100 million copies of their work.

This is the vision of August; it is rooted in the belief that, in a world of over 7 Billion people, lies an audience with enough passion and energy to support EVERY true creative. For many, accessing this audience can propel them into mainstream success as independent artists.

Today’s media world doesn’t work. Being discovered is like winning the lottery. August was built to remedy this problem.

We all want to fall in love with great new artists, but they are simply unable to reach us (especially online) because their beautiful work is lost in the vast oceans of content, ranging from memes to selfies to cat videos and food-posts — and everything in between.

So where does the change begin?

It begins with discovery that is set apart from the clutter of daily-internet content. This discovery, done within the right user experience, leads to meaningful and sustainable relationships that artists need to grow.

August concentrates on building these relationships within a network centered around artists, consumers, and the media shared between them — unlocking the social key that artists need to financially benefit from their work.

Here, artists will be able to sell 10, 50, even 100 million copies of their work WITHOUT labels, studios, publishers, galleries or agencies. Here, they’re completely independent and totally immersed into their own culture — their own community of relationships.

August isn’t just another social network or media platform. It is the answer to so many artists who dream of the ability to freely create and pursue their artistic passion.

August unleashes artistry and creativity to the world in ways that impact, influence and inspire — no matter where, who, how, and when.

This is the world that August stands to champion and achieving that reality drives every interaction within its experience.

Each time you upload, share, like and comment on a piece of media, you are making this vision a realty. You are helping artists you love — both discovered and undiscovered — to continue pursuing their passion to create.

This is something so much greater than ourselves. It’s the vision of August and, its lifeblood… is YOU. You have the power to actually change the world of media — forever. Now is the time — will you change it with us?




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