An old essay (2017) on the comparison between two modern artists, Vincent Van Gogh and Edouard Manet, regarding their paintings techniques and effects, mostly focused on “the Starry Night” and “Luncheon on the grass”. Read the book Van Gogh: The Life for this essay, it was the longest book i’ve read so far, but one of the most memorable.

Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night depicts a night scene which consists large Cypress tree, distant village houses, wavy hills and mountains, and a swirling pool of starlight in the sky. …

Sync. aims to bring user-friendliness into banking. Among their identified problems in the current way of banking are time-consuming processes, poor personal spending tracking, high foreign exchange rates and many more.

Evaluating the current website

The current webpage utilises a standard scrolling transition. The first and final slide remind the visitor to register, while the other slides in between list its features.

Problem 1: It takes time and effort to find Sync’s uniqueness

The current flow presents the feature in a linear order, one after another. Some visitors may find the flow long and slow. The current design effectively informs the visitor with all the functions and features Sync provides. However, it does not immediately inform the visitor how Sync stands out from the others. …

“I’m anxious about what’s next…”

“I don’t know what to do after this…”

To my dear confused friend, I suspect you might have a very popular form of mental disorder.

It’s coded as “A-YR21-E21”, or “approaching 21 years old in the early twenty-first century”.

Lame joke attempts aside. I am graduating as a student of art in just 2 months, oddly, I feel pretty calm. I’ve been through the same period of anxiousness where the future seemed so uncertain and worry as I figure the next perfect move. …

| Notes from a discussion |

A friend and I were chatting about the opinions of a long time expert in Oil and Gas industry. In summary, the opinions were to support fossil fuels as the only viable option to meet our current demand for energy. As listed below…

1. High manufacturing and material costs
2. Rare earth are being taken away from future inventions of higher efficiencies.
3. Solar, Wind, Hydro power plants are detrimental to natural ecosystems.
4. Electric car’s total embedded carbon emission is 4x higher than a tradition car.

Here are my attempts at counter arguing.

1. High manufacturing and material costs
Using 2 examples for the counter argument, “the rapidly decreasing cost of Solar Energy” and “The young stage of electric vehicle industry”. …


Sean Yeoh

Reading and Writing are my solution towards creative blocks.

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