AxpertTM — For Government Now

AxpertTM — Serving to Government now

AxpertTM as a product, as a platform or as a cure-all Application builder has already made its mark and has created a lot of loyalists for it by its exceptional and distinctive attributes. This product is well embraced by many corporate leaders and pioneers since its commencement. This engendered a colossal word of mouth and a sense of trustworthiness, as a result Agile Labs (Copyright holder of AxpertTM) got an immense opportunity to flaunt again and outshines with its celebrated products to government agencies this time.

In addition to that, It started off with the preliminary research work, which unravelled where does the shoe pinches the most, after identifying the infirmities by the AxpertTM Team , the expertise came to play to invent something which is resilient, user friendly, businesslike, transparent and most importantly it should be systematic.

AxpertTM is very robust as a platform and at the same time is quite flexible to mould/design itself according to the changing needs of the world. Axpert is well competent to build applications for any firm regardless large scale or small scale.

Some praiseworthy toils on AxpertTM so far are:

  • Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL)
  • Karnataka State Beverages Corporation Ltd (KSBCL)
  • State Insurance and Provident Fund Department (SIPF) — Rajasthan
  • Chief Minister’s Information System (CMIS) with Dash board and Project Monitoring System for state water resource department, Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan Government Employees’ Transfer Management System
  • Integration of Public Health Care Establishments — Goa
  • Revenue Court Management System, Rajasthan
  • Human Resources Management & Loan management, Goa
  • State Skill Development Project, Rajasthan
  • Chief Minister Information System for Government of Rajasthan
  • ERP for Bahrain chamber of commerce and industry
  • Nuwab Parliament affairs management system — Bahrain

All the above facts are speaking for Axpert’s Proficiency, so it’s natural to have evangelists like Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (BMRCL)

The Agile Labs’ Solution is solid, secure, robust and reliable. It is amenable to integration with other software systems. Their ability and willingness to integrate systems developed by other developers confirms the versatile Nature of their system and profusely speaks volumes about their confidence in their technology

N Sivasailam, IAS. Managing Director, BMRCL. Bangalore

Last but not the least AxpertTM proclaims to satisfy every requirement that may arise in near future. It is surefooted that users of this application developer are going to be gratified for all time. At moment it is sprawled across the world with undoubtedly great results with more than 400 happy customers and it is also quite certain that the firm which will use this, will also go places.