45 Second Video Resume is all you Need for a JOB

Most of us don’t realize that the video resume can show the verbal communication efficiency of the candidate that cannot be incorporated in a text resume. You don’t need 2–3 page text resume, which talks about job description but less about you. All you need a short presentation no longer than 1 min, which talk about you. By blending your text resume with your video resume, will allow employers to gauge your skills better and increase chances of getting hired.

The 45-second pitch is all one need to start building a personal branding. You don’t have to do anything other than the 45-second presentation to get started. So now what do you do?

At this point you would look for tools to do the talking for you and the Tools would be your mobile phone. Yes! Your mobile phone. There are many video resume creating tool available online and for FREE. Download Video resume creator tool and create your First and impressive Video resume, one of the app which I came cross is Search2Hired video resume creating app, which is quite user friendly and unique of its kind. Create a profile with video resume and have it listed for Recruiters.

Advantage of Video Resume

  • Video being a really influential tool can place a job seeker on a higher level of interest with a possible recruiter irrespective of current requirement of the company.
  • Allow you represent your skills in a better way.
  • The video resume can show the verbal communication efficiency of the candidate that cannot be fitted in a text resume.
  • If the job requires showing a lot of creativity side, then making a creative video resume may act as a perfect instrument to attract the attention of hiring managers.
  • Allow you to show level of confidence that cannot be portrayed in text resume

A text resume can only convey important information regarding employment history, educational qualification, basic interests in that traditional way. There is nothing new to interest the employers in a special way. However the importance of text resume has not gone away by any means, it is a wise to prepare both the video and text resume and send them to the prospective employer depending on the job you are applying for. Video resume is a new and interesting way to approach the potential employers. A video resume can save a lot of time of the employer and the communication skills. Furthermore, it would your contribution to GO GREEN, SAVE PAPER.

Think before you print.

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