Emerging Talent Search Trends of 2016

The change in job hunt, use of social media site, video conferencing, big data application and many more are constructively affecting the employer and talent to communicate each other. Employers have more candidates to evaluate in their search for right fit of their requirement.

Virtual work force:

Improvised sharing tool not only connect also evaluate work and reduces the cost allied with virtual work force, Employers are in progress of adopting this practice. Which allow employer to find most qualified people in most unexpected places? Finding new job would be easier, if you eliminate geographical boundaries.

Online test Module:

Online test module suiting various skills which is aimed at assessing applicants on basics of a given skill set. Employers can use online assessment module to evaluate applicants and shortlist the ones clearing the test.

Udemy and Coursera have taken this to whole new level.

Mobile resolution:

Mobile apps allow you to constantly access new opportunities on the go to maintain a competitive advantage over other candidates and also allow them make quick connection with potential stakeholders. There are several Mobile apps been developed to ease your job search?

While the top players like Simply Hired, Glassdoor and Indeed.com have adapted to these platforms long ago and are mostly outdated. Startups that are innovating are increasingly mobile only and it wouldn’t be long to see mobile only platforms on recruitment will emerge.

Video representation:

Increasingly competitive market demands you to be creative; it also shows the effort and time into your job search. In addition to more applicants creating video resumes, more job sites are also incorporating video into the hiring process. If someone has a video resume, recruiter stops and watches it. It gives you objects you can’t get from a resume and that make a huge difference. It would save time by being able to hear from the candidates without having to conduct a phone interview.

While Search2hired is working around launching a fully automated video platform for job seekers and other platforms like

Freelance Movement:

Demand for established freelancers is rising. Freelancing is more appreciated in the business world; more people are leaving their steady jobs to work autonomously, on their own timetable with the clients they want to work with.

Most entrepreneurs call this generation a “Job hopping era” and it is good for talent and thrill seekers.

Q R Codes:

QR code gives you the possibility to provide detailed reference or more information. Code allows a potential candidate to access link to the company’s career site. Which allow them to apply for the position with waiting for to hear about the position through other source, also if a potential candidate brings a QR code that contains their CV, it is easy for the recruiter to upload information to their database? You can also invite people to join talent communities or to participate in contests.

(For an Instance; Google created T-shirts with QR codes)

Source By :- Search2hired

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