10 Advanced LegalTech Search and Verification Tools for Legal Services

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6 min readAug 30, 2023
10 Advanced LegalTech Search and Verification Tools for Legal Services
10 Advanced LegalTech Search and Verification Tools for Legal Services
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With rapid advancements in technology, the tools and solutions emerging under the umbrella of LegalTech are redefining how legal professionals work, interact with clients, and manage operations.

If you’re navigating the vast water of the legal field, you should be aware of this. The future of law isn’t just about understanding statutes and precedents; it’s also about leveraging technology to deliver faster, more efficient, and transparent services.

So, whether you’re a seasoned attorney, a budding lawyer, or someone offering legal support services, it’s time to understand the potential of LegalTech and position yourself at the forefront of this revolution!

Don’t worry. I’m here to walk you through and introduce you to the solutions you need!

What is LegalTech?

LegalTech, short for Legal Technology, is the exciting fusion of traditional legal practices with modern technological innovations. It represents a shift wherein digital tools, software, and platforms are introduced into the legal field.

These innovations are not mere additions but transformative elements that reimagine how professionals perform legal tasks. Imagine routine processes, from document reviews to client communications, augmented by technology to minimize manual effort and reduce margins for error. That’s what LegalTech brings to the table.

But it’s more than just software solutions. It’s a holistic approach to law practice, ensuring that attorneys and legal professionals meet clients’ evolving needs in today’s digital age.

For professionals, it offers tools that can automate repetitive tasks, offer data-driven insights, and provide remote working solutions. LegalTech is not just a bridge between law and technology; it’s the pathway to the future of the legal industry, making processes more streamlined, adaptable, and client-centric.

6 Tasks That LegalTech Can Assist You With

LegalTech’s core mission is to enhance efficiency, reduce the margin for error, and provide greater accessibility in various areas of the legal domain.

Integrating technology into traditional processes addresses challenges and streamlines tasks that once demanded extensive manual effort.

Let’s delve deeper into some crucial facets where LegalTech can make a profound impact!

1. Document Automation

The backbone of legal proceedings often rests upon the paperwork. Document automation tools not only expedite the drafting of contracts, wills, other legal documents, and important information on cases, but it also ensures standardization.

By leveraging templates and automated data inputs, the chances of oversight or inconsistencies are reduced, thus saving time and preventing potential litigation arising from clerical errors.

2. E-Discovery

In our digital age, most evidence is no longer just paper-based. E-Discovery tools are specialized platforms that scour electronic data to identify, collect, and preserve relevant information for litigation or investigations.

These tools can search vast volumes of data, including emails, databases, and electronic files, filtering out the most pertinent pieces of information for a case.

3. Practice Management

Managing a legal firm entails overseeing appointments, client communications, document storage, billing, and more. LegalTech focusing on providing these services helps firms ensure they never miss an appointment, misplace a crucial document, or overlook a billing detail, thereby improving client relations and firm efficiency.

4. Legal Research

Legal databases are expansive and ever-growing. LegalTechs that provide research tools have a gateway to these vast reservoirs of statutes, case law, and legal commentaries.

They use sophisticated algorithms to fetch relevant legal texts, data, precedents, or references in seconds, significantly reducing research time and ensuring attorneys are well-prepared.

5. Electronic Billing

Billing disputes or delays can strain client-attorney relationships. There are LegalTech services that focus on electronic billing platforms to streamline invoicing by automating bill generation, tracking pending payments, and offering secure online payment options.

This not only ensures prompt payments but also adds a layer of transparency to financial transactions.

6. Compliance Tools

With ever-evolving laws and regulations, staying compliant can be challenging. Compliance tools provide real-time updates on changes in laws, guidelines, and standards relevant to a particular sector or region. They help firms adhere to the latest requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties or legal ramifications.

Searchbug’s LegalTech Tools

Searchbug emerges as a formidable player in LegalTech. It offers a suite of tools designed to address the nuanced needs of legal professionals.

These tools were tailored to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and data accessibility. They were specifically engineered to simplify and optimize various legal processes.

Let’s take a closer look at what these tools bring to the table!

1. People Finder

Searchbug’s People Finder retrieves names, phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses. These comprehensive profiles help legal professionals understand client onboarding, witness vetting, or other research.

2. Phone Verification

Miscommunication can often lead to larger issues. The Phone Verification tool ensures the accuracy of phone numbers, helping professionals guarantee that their messages and calls reach the intended recipients. A phone validator tool will let you know if phone numbers are landline, cell phone (wireless), or VoIP.

3. Email Verification

In an age of electronic communication, ensuring the authenticity of an email is vital. With Email Verification, you can confirm if an email address is genuine, ensuring that important communications are not lost or marked as spam. Searchbug’s email verification tool offers a 27-point verification check.

4. Address Lookup & Verification

Utilizing Searchbug’s USPS Address Verification or USPS Address Lookup Service ensures that everything you mail reaches its intended destination to eliminate potential snags or delays due to misdirection.

With its precise mail verification tool, you’ll eliminate unnecessary costs from sending mail that can’t be delivered.

5. Reverse Phone Lookup

This LegalTech tool is perfect for cases related to threats and other safety issues that clients are experiencing, as well as confirming a phone number’s owner identity.

Searchbug’s reverse phone lookup provides the name & address of the person or entity associated with the phone number provided. This report may also include an email address when available.

6. Advanced Background Check

Understanding the detailed history of an individual, be it a potential employee, witness, or party in litigation, is critical. This tool offers deep dives into an individual’s records, enabling better decision-making based on comprehensive data.

Here are the data points you can retrieve using Searchbug’s Advanced Background Check tool:

  • Current Phone Number and Mailing Address
  • 12-point Personal Details
  • Current Property Details
  • Previous Addresses
  • Neighbors’ Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Relatives
  • Vehicles
  • Phone Number History
  • All Known Email Addresses
  • Criminal Records
  • Bankruptcy
  • Liens
  • Judgements
  • Online References

7. Criminal Records Search

Criminal Records are included in the Advanced Background Check report, but using this specific search tool will provide you with more in-depth information about someone’s potential criminal history.

Searchbug connects you directly to one of the largest data sources of over 200 million court records. Here are the information you can find using a Criminal Records Search:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Age
  • Date of Birth
  • 8-point Charge Details

8. OFAC Search

Staying compliant is non-negotiable in the legal field. The OFAC Search tool checks if individuals or entities are on denied lists, watch lists, or sanctioned lists, helping professionals maintain impeccable legal standards.

9. Bulk Data Append Services

Managing vast amounts of data can be cumbersome. With Bulk Append Services, firms can update and handle large datasets without manual input. This ensures data consistency and accuracy in a short amount of time.

10. APIs

Integrating technology should be seamless. Searchbug’s APIs allow legal professionals to embed the powerful tools mentioned above directly into their existing systems, streamlining operations and ensuring a cohesive workflow.

Case Study

San Diego’s Process Server Uses Searchbug’s Data Append Tool To Find Accurate Mailing Addresses

For the successful delivery of legal papers, process servers need to have the current and correct addresses of the involved parties. Yet, manually checking and verifying individuals and their addresses can take time and effort.

Southwest Legal Services grappled with these inefficiencies, spending needless hours on manual searches. That’s when they turned to Searchbug for a solution.

Utilizing Searchbug’s efficient Bulk Data Append tools, Southwest Legal Services efficiently matches its primary data with the requisite contact details, which streamlined its document delivery process.

Thanks to this data appending, they can now operate their service process more swiftly, leading to substantial time and effort savings for the firm.

Check out their full story here!

Key Takeaway

LegalTech is setting new standards of efficiency, accuracy, and client engagement. The future of the legal industry is not merely in books and courtrooms but also in servers, algorithms, and digital interfaces.

Adapting to this new wave of legal operations will help legal professionals stay relevant and competitive. The case of Southwest Legal Services illustrates the tangible benefits of incorporating LegalTech solutions into everyday operations.

With the game-changing potential of LegalTech, Searchbug stands out as one of the best. Feel free to connect with a representative today to get started!



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