9 Reasons Why Gig Economy Platforms Should Invest in Identity Verification

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5 min readOct 31, 2023


9 Reasons Why Gig Economy Platforms Should Invest in Identity Verification
9 Reasons Why Gig Economy Platforms Should Invest in Identity Verification
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As the holiday season approaches, the gig economy is set to experience a surge in demand. With celebrations like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year on the horizon, there will be an uptick in the need for services.

While this brings opportunities, it also poses challenges — namely, ensuring the safety and reliability of service providers and customers. This is where the role of identity verification becomes increasingly significant.

In today’s blog, I will explain why, now more than ever, gig economy platforms should seriously consider investing in identity verification tools to safeguard merchants, service providers, and customers alike.

4 Identity Verification Tools For Gig Economy Platforms

Whatever industry you are in, identity verification tools have become increasingly important for maintaining trust, legal compliance, and safety.

Understanding these tools offers insights into their significance and how they can benefit service providers and customers. Here are some key tools to enhance your identity verification process!

1. People Search API

The People Search API is designed to gather basic information about an individual. It is a key resource for initial user screening. This tool combs various data sources to pull together a comprehensive profile, including full names, contact details, and addresses.

Data reliability is essential for avoiding fraudulent sign-ups, and it’s a crucial first step for any platform aiming to create a safe environment for users.

2. Background Check API

Beyond the People Search API, the Background Check API offers a more detailed look into an individual’s history. This includes in-depth personal details, previous and current contact information, associates, potential criminal records, and financial reports.

This level of scrutiny is especially important for service providers who will be entrusted with tasks involving a high level of customer interaction or financial responsibility.

By employing this API, platforms can ensure they screen red-flagged individuals, which becomes particularly crucial during busy periods like the holiday season.

3. Criminal Records API

The Criminal Records API can fetch criminal history information for an individual, which is highly important for ensuring the safety and well-being of customers and other service providers.

Using this API helps prevent platforms from inadvertently hosting providers with criminal histories that make them unsuitable for certain jobs.

This tool can provide an additional layer of assurance, ensuring that platforms maintain a high standard of safety and quality among their service providers.

4. Driver’s License Search

Although not an API, this tool can be pivotal for gig economy platforms involving driving, such as ride-sharing or delivery services. Driver’s License Search can validate the driving records of service providers, ensuring they have a valid license and a clean — or acceptable — driving history.

This not only maintains the platform’s safety standards but also serves as a point of trust for customers using these services.

Each of these tools offers unique benefits and can be used individually or in tandem, depending on the specific needs and requirements of the gig economy platform.

Benefits of Identity Verification Tools

1. Fraud Prevention

During the holidays, the risk of fraudulent transactions and malicious users escalates. Implementing identity verification tools like Searchbug’s People Search API provides a first line of defense. This tool helps platforms with initial user screening and flagging suspicious accounts before they can engage in any transactions.

The resultant benefit is twofold: genuine merchants and consumers enjoy a more secure platform, and platform operators can avoid the reputational damage and financial losses of fraud.

2. Building Trust and Reliability

In a saturated market, trust becomes a significant differentiator. A platform demonstrating its commitment to safety and reliability becomes more attractive to potential users.

Stringent identity checks through tools like Background Check API and Driver’s License Search can serve as marketable features, especially during a busy period when consumers have multiple options and are looking for trustworthy service providers.

3. Legal Compliance

The holiday season often brings added scrutiny from regulatory bodies. Platforms can find themselves in legal hot water if they don’t adhere to compliance standards.

Tools like the Criminal Records API can ensure that all service providers meet the legal criteria to offer their services. This protects the platform from potential lawsuits and penalties, maintaining operational integrity during peak business times.

4. Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency becomes paramount as the demand for services balloons during the holidays. Manually vetting the credentials of every new service provider can be resource-intensive and time-consuming.

Automated identity verification tools like the Background Check API can significantly speed up this process, freeing staff to concentrate on other pressing operational and customer service tasks.

5. Quality Control

A spike in demand often necessitates a proportional increase in supply. As more service providers join the platform to take advantage of the holiday boom, maintaining service quality can become increasingly challenging.

Here, the Criminal Records API comes into play, enabling platforms to perform thorough background checks and ensuring that all service providers meet the set quality criteria.

6. Streamlined User Experience

The holidays are all about convenience, and consumers gravitate towards platforms that offer a seamless experience. Lengthy and complicated onboarding processes can deter potential users.

Identity Verification APIs simplify and speed up the onboarding process, allowing users to engage with the platform quickly and avail of its services. This is especially useful during the time-sensitive holiday season.

7. Conflict Resolution

Increased activity means increased chances for disputes between service providers and consumers. Whether it’s an issue with service delivery or payment, having a verified identity for all parties simplifies the resolution process. Conflicts can be resolved faster if all identities are well-vetted.

8. Data Accuracy

With the increased volume of transactions and interactions during the holidays, the margin for error narrows. Accurate user information is crucial for timely service delivery and billing.

Identity verification tools ensure the platform’s user data is current and accurate, minimizing errors that could lead to service delays or billing disputes.

9. Safety Measures

For platforms that involve transportation services, the Driver’s License Search adds an extra level of safety. It provides an efficient way to validate that a person has the right to drive.

Knowing that a driver has a valid license and an acceptable driving history enhances consumer trust and ensures the platform maintains a high safety standard.


From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, the festive period presents an incredible opportunity for growth. However, it also poses the significant challenge of ensuring the safety and reliability of service providers and consumers. The value of identity verification during this high-demand season should be a top priority.

To all developers and key decision-makers in the gig economy, don’t leave the safety and success of your platform to chance. Make an informed decision to ensure your platform remains secure, reliable, and sought-after during the holiday rush and beyond.

Contact Searchbug today and fortify your platform with top-notch identity verification tools. We offer FREE API credits you can try before deciding whether Searchbug’s identity verification tools suit your platform’s needs.



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