Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

At our website we offer the best tour guide services to new climbers that visit the region. The good thing about the site is that it assures the climbers that it can make their climbing easier and memorable. In other words, it aims to do away with the obstacles that most first climbers encounter. The site begins by acquainting the reader with the mountain itself. That is, it describes Mount Kilimanjaro as an awe-inspiring sight in the whole of Tanzania. Besides, “Climbing Kilimanjaro” assures the visitors that climbing this mountain is not only exhilarating but also challenging.

The site also assures the visitors that it can provide them with the best experts and guides who know the mountain like the back of their hand. It also promises to provide clients with up to date information on the things they ought to package before the expedition. This site also provides reasons why one should choose it as guides and experts before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The first reason it gives is that they have the best tour guides. The website claims to have professional guides with years of experience in their work. It also promises its clients the best quality equipment such as good tents for camping, best meals, dining tents, and sanitary toilet tents. The site “Climbing Kilimanjaro” also guarantees safety for its clients. It achieves that by ensuring that it employs guides that are Wilderness First Responders. The site also guarantees safety for its clients by conducting health checks on them more than twice a day to measure pulse and oxygen saturation. Its guides also carry medical equipment such as medical kits and portable stretchers when climbing Kilimanjaro. Another thing that this site does to ensure that its clients are safe is that it collaborates with High Altitude Medical Training Organizations such as the Sentinel Outdoor Institute.

Furthermore, it guarantees safety by establishing protocols to handle medical emergencies. It also,ensures that their clients don’t get lost during the climbing. They have been able to achieve that by using satellite GPS communicators to track and to communicate with the clients. Another important thing about “Climbing Kilimanjaro” site is that it contains advice that clients can immensely benefit from. For example, it advises clients to rest and acclimatize before they embark on their climbing expedition. The site also claims that some of the clients who have adopted this strategy are among the successful climbers of Kilimanjaro. The site also advises clients to rely on guides when climbing the mountain. It claims that the most successful climbers of Kilimanjaro have made it because of the “Climbing Kilimanjaro” site. The site also claim to be environmentally and socially responsible. Ecologically, it has ensured that the services they offer are ecologically friendly. Socially, they have ensured that their services benefit not only the clients but also those that live in the area. The client also engages in the activities that support local entrepreneurs.

Lastly, the site ensures that there is a fair and ethical treatment of porters.