The title for the thinnest laptop no longer belongs to the Hp Spectre 13. The newest kid on the block, Acer Swift 7 is the first to ever make it under the 1cm thick bar. At a mere 9.98mm, it feels as flimsy as anything can get without sacrificing practicality.

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And it is powerful too. It’s powered by a 7th Generation Core i5 processor and still manages to give a decent battery and most importantly two USB-C 3.1 ports plus a headphone jack. The battery might not be that hefty but it will pack enough juice for up to nine hours thanks to the improved efficiency of the Intel chips.

Display, Design, and Hardware

The 13.3” full HD IPS is presentable but not as spectacular as the MacBook’s while the 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD will compare just favorably. Acer cuts down on power by using the passively cooled Intel Kaby Lake chip to cut down on noise and needless fan power.

A unibody aluminum chassis with a dark finish on the outside and gold one on the interior crowns the package. This brings the weight in at an impressive 1.1Kg (2.48 pounds) making it easy to carry around, even in one hand.

the Acer Swift 7 Almost Feels Like a Full-Blown Laptop

The keyboard omits the numeric pad to keep the buttons sizeable giving Acer Swift 7 who type a lot a solid feel despite the shallow key travel. A sizeable touchpad that is perhaps the widest I’ve seen on a laptop yet sits at the very bottom. It is hard to miss it.

This makes me almost forgive Acer for not making this a transformer or giving it a swiveling touch screen to finish up the package. Many would argue that this is testimony to its being a notebook and not a tab that’s trying to double up as a laptop.

If you feel the 13.1-inch screen is small or the core-i5 inferior, you can get the Spin 7 model that gives you a core i7, a 14-inch touch display on a 360 degree hinge.

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