Xiaomi seems poised to jump the disgruntled Galaxy Note 7 owners with its latest devices. The revolutionary Xiaomi Mi Mix is in itself a sensation thanks to its record-breaking screen-to-body ratio and tantalizing innards. The Mi Note 2 is equally impressive and of the perfect size to take on the Note. Then there is the Xiaomi Mi VR headset.


The Mi VR is Specifically Made for Xiaomi

The Mi VR is the replacement to the less impressive Mi VR Play. It’s specifically tailored to maximize on Xiaomi smartphone and packs an inbuilt hardware motion sensor and a nine-axis motion controller with an acceptable 16ms latency. This is more than enough to make your games and movies more interesting and less dizzying than what you would get with Cardboard or the Mi VR Play.

You will need top Xiaomi smartphones to enjoy the Mi VR. The virtual reality headset is compatible with the Mi 5, Mi 5S, Mi 5S Plus and the new Mi Note 2.

Setting up and getting started is a breeze. All you need to do is slip the phone into its slot at the front of the headset and drop by Xiaomi’s app store to find compatible apps and videos. Even though the numbers aren’t so good as of to date (30 apps and 500 videos,) things will definitely look up in the near future as the store already has 200+ active developers.

Compared to the Gear VR from Samsung, the Mi VR is an absolute bargain to anyone who is bold enough to own the right Mi. It goes for around $30. That’s almost half what you will pay for the Gear VR.

The only disturbing thing is its absolute resemblance of the Sony VR. Despite the shameless design theft, the Mi VR will absolutely be comfortable and rewarding.

Xiaomi is yet to announce when the VR headsets will hit the market. We are certain the headsets might not officially make it out of China since the compatible phones aren’t available internationally.

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