Introducing search| — super charging your search engine

last week we officially launched our new baby called search| coming directly out of our 6 months stealth mode. After having successfully optimized roughly 50.000.000 site search queries, spending 15 months of development, going through 5 live integrations and 3 incredibly won A/B tests on our customers live environments we decided that it is time to tell the world what we strive to do.

“Our motivation “FAST & RELEVANT SEARCH” helps to craft meaningful search experiences for the people around us, this mission inspires us to jump out of bed each day and guides every aspect of what we do.”

some background…

Everybody in our team of world-class engineers and data scientists has a very strong background in NLP and Information Retrieval. All together we spent more than 50 years in the domain of e-Commerce Search working for the leading pack of software vendors and retailers in this space in order to make shopping easier and more relevant for the 1.77 billion people shopping online. 18 months ago having worked through several big site-search re-platforming projects with some of our customers we finally realized that in order to make search better and ready for the future we have to do it on a completely different level than before.

the role of search…

Search Engines essentially act as filters for the wealth of information available on the Internet. They allow users to quickly and easily find information that is of genuine interest or value to them, without the need to wade through numerous irrelevant web pages. However, they are built based on concepts that stores words and not their meaning. Screen Real estate is going to zero and the way people can interact with digital systems has evolved from Keyboard only to Keyboard, voice, images, and gestures. All of these input types are error prone and don’t include context. Well done search, however, should cater for these errors and automatically add available context to come up with relevant answers.

our entirely new approach with search|…

“search|hub is a search platform independent, AI-powered search query intelligence API specifically designed to enhance our customers existing search, not replace it.”

We really like this description since it pretty much perfectly represents how we think about the future. But let’s start at the beginning of the sentence:

  1. search platform independent..

…during our past we’ve seen a lot of different search engines out there and all of them have their pros and cons. Often the reason why a specific search engine was chosen has nothing to do with the ability to successfully fulfill the basic use case of search. In more complex scenarios there could even be a set of different search engines in production each fulfilling a different use case.

That’s why we designed search|hub as a Proxy that automatically enhances your existing search engine(s) by autocorrecting, aligning human input and building context around every search query in a way your search engine understands.
search|hub’s search platform independent architecture

2. AI-powered search query API…

…various forms of AI have already begun to impact the quality of search results and the accuracy with which search engines interpret search queries. More important AI will further impact search in several ways:

It will impact the way search engines understand search queries. Search engines will slowly transition from responding to queries by matching the words contained in the query to the words that appear on website pages, to responding to queries based on a deeper understanding of what they mean. It will impact the way data is gathered, interpreted, and structured, making the process of searching more efficient and effective, and more conform to what people actually want to know. In this sense, search engines will begin to accumulate ‘knowledge’ which will allow them to provide more intelligent responses to people’s search queries. It will impact the way Search works and the way we experience it. Search can be so much better than it currently is. It can include conversational elements in it, in which you can actually have a dialogue with the intelligent and knowledgeable engine you are conversing with. It can include highly personalized and contextually aware suggestions and recommendations. It can include contextual data intelligently amassed from the web at large. It can provide expert advice (based on its knowledge) in the form of a virtual expert with which you can converse, naturally, until you find what you were looking for and are happy with it.

AI helps search|hub to automatically optimize search queries by correcting spelling errors, typos and other forms of errors with unmatched accuracy & consistency and speed. In a second stage, it uses a unique combination of NLP & Deep Learning to optimize every search request by correctly identifying search intent and maximizing relevancy. As it gathers behavioral data it further refines the results for even greater relevance.
search|hub’s smart query rewrites

3. enhance, not replace

…search Engines became an integral part of modern system backbones and are in most cases very hard to replace. But “search” as we know it is already changing because modern technology has given today’s customer’s very high expectations; they know what they want and they want it now. And while today’s customers use the search bar, by tomorrow they could be using voice and image search or even combinations of that. However, to perfectly serve their needs in order to grow your future business you need to understand them.

The technology behind search|hub was specifically designed to enhance our customers existing search, not replace it. With just two API calls, search|hub integrates as a proxy between your frontend application and your existing search engine(s) injecting its deep knowledge.

If you’re excited about advancing search|hub technology and enabling companies to create meaningful search experiences for the people around us, join us! We are actively hiring for senior Java DEVs and Data Scientists to work on next-generation API technology. proudly built by