How To Boost Self Confidence

What is self-confidence?

The trust that you have in yourself, the belief in yourself to do something is self-confidence. You must have confidence in yourself and about yourself for the world to be confident in you. Confident people can be identified easily with their behaviour and their self-presentation. Everyone admires confidence and confident people.

How do I boost selfconfidence?

  1. Believe in yourself

When we lie to our parents or close friend they identify it in seconds, ever wonder why? It happens because we know that we are not being honest and we might hurt them. When we lie to our close one, we do not believe in ourself. Our confidence is directly related to our self- confidence.The first step towards being more confident is to start believing in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself then the

inner will push you down which will stop you from taking the next step, the next challenge and the right decision.

2.Stay positive

What goes around comes around!It is a famous and true saying. Stay positive and it will come back to you. Spend more time with positive people,close friends and family. They will bring more positivity in your life. Start with this, talk and feel only positive things about one small thing for few days and see how it automatically starts to move towards right direction. Then try something else and then everything else!

3.Appreciate yourself

You are the best judge for yourself. Appreciate yourself daily. Take a break, think about all the things you did,appreciate the good decision you made today, no matter how big or small. You know the situation you were in and how best you managed it. You deserve it.

4.Challenge yourself

Push yourself every day. If you did a good job today, then try doing it better tomorrow. It helps you trust your selfmore and makes you more confident about the next challenge. It will slowly and gradually increase your capability and yours believe in yourself.

5.Learn from mistakes

Don’t get disappointed by the mistakes, learn from them. You cannot be right about everything in life, nobody is.

Everyone has right to be wrong and then correct the wrong doing. It becomes a learning for life. Admire the situation, mistakes you made and what you learnt from it.

Heal low self-esteem with above tips or take a counsellor help.