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The Democrat punditry in the whole race has been utter failure to say the least. They have written off Donald Trump all along in their infinite elitist wisdom. Now they are reaping their harvest (or lack there of). 
Donald Trump can really win this thing. And it will be all the faults with the Democratic party which is utterly disorganized, poorly motivated and lacks the energy and enthusiasm of a ground game. 
In the battleground states and beyond, the appeal of white nationalism from Donald Trump has a profound impact. The white people, who are still majority in this country by a large margin, are directly responding with a feeling of having a comfortable home in his campaign. This emotional pull cannot be explained away by intellectual punditry peddled by the left. 
Now the fact is that not all the white people are racists. So, when the scale tilted too much and the white folks started feeling uneasy to support this guy, he sweetened the deal a little by changing to a sympathetic appeal towards minorities delivered from a pure white crowd. Additionally, he has also played a shrewd tactic of buying out some minority supports. There are a small percentage of small minorities who cares less of average folks and support Trump. The other sections are swayed by bought out leading figures - Sheriff Clark for example, or Ben Carson. 
However, as you see clearly how this game is being played, the incompetent Democratic campaign for Hillary is simply watching all these from the sidelines and have no clue on how to turn this around. It will probably be a part of classic textbook example of how a campaign can be mismanaged.

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