Effective Ways to Prevent Electrical Fires

Every year numerous lives are lost due to fire. Fire caused by electrical equipment has turned out to be one of the major contributors of such incidents.

Such fires not only cause fatalities but also result in the destruction of property. Most home structures involve electrical equipment which include appliances, wiring, outlets, switches etc. These are at high risks of catching fire easily if they are not maintained properly.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways which can help prevent electric fire.

Avoid Overloading an Electric Outlet

One of the major causes of fire is overloading the electrical outlet with more plugs than it can support. If you need to power more than one electrical device at the same time, you can consider using a power bar.

While buying a power bar, you should ensure to get the one with an internal overload protection. With this, the power bar will immediately shut down in case it gets overloaded. This will prevent the chances of an electric fire considerably.

In addition to that, plugs should never be tampered with since this can cause an electric fire as well.

Do Not Buy Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products can be extremely dangerous since they are at a high risk to catch fire easily. These products are available at ridiculously low prices. Some of these products may include power bars, night lamps, batteries etc.

These products have inferior quality components which may break down at the slightest of triggers, thus starting a fire. The low-quality wiring may even melt at room temperature. Therefore, it is wise to buy quality products from authorized sellers.

Replace Old Wiring

An electrical system does not last forever. The electrical power requirements of homes nowadays exceed the capacity of the electric wiring present. This results in overloading. Consequently, fuses blow repeatedly and circuit breakers trip frequently. These instances can cause electric fires. In addition to that, an excessive reliance on extension cords can be disastrous too.

Such faulty wiring can provide warning signs of certain issues. Some of these signs include a hot switch, flickering light bulbs, a buzzing or cracking sound from the electric outlets and so on. Usually, old houses are at a high risk of these problems. If any of this applies to your building, you should get the wiring checked and replaced immediately.

Beware of Damaged Electrical Cords

Many electric fires are caused by cracked electric cords. You should keep a check of the wires and replace them if they are worn out or frayed. Avoid nailing cords to the walls and ensure that they are not placed under carpets or rugs to prevent stepping on them.

Also, avoid placing them near water or any flammable material.

Disconnect Electrical Appliances When Not in Use

One of the best ways to reduce the risks of fire is by disconnecting plugs of small appliances like hair dryers, toasters etc. from the electric outlets. Also, you should disconnect the appliances before cleaning them.

Get Your Electrical Wiring Inspected

You should get your house’s electrical wiring inspected by experts in order to detect faults. This way, you will be able to get any problems repaired way before it turns into a fire hazard. An inspection is all the more important if you live in an old house. Old houses usually have aluminum wiring. A competent electrician can make the right recommendations.

Follow the Manual

While using electrical appliances, you should always follow the manuals that come with them. These manuals will show you the proper ways to use the appliances in order to prevent any mishap. Defective electrical appliances should never be used since these increase the risk of fire.

Additional Precautions

  • Keep in mind that extension cords should only be used as temporary solutions since these can be major electrical hazards.
  • In case the operation of a certain appliance blows the fuse, you should immediately get the appliances checked for repair requirements.
  • Ensure that the light bulbs you use match the fixture requirements.
  • All occupants should know how to use a fire extinguisher in the event of emergencies.
  • In the event of a fire, you should immediately alert the authorities to douse the fire and get a fire investigation done to determine the cause of the fire.

These steps will help you prevent electric fire.

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