Fire Safety Measures You Need to Follow at the Construction Sites

Fire emergencies can take place any time anywhere in the day. It can take place at home, shopping malls and even the construction sites.

The construction sites are much more susceptible to a fire and in case this takes place, the risks it poses are greater as compared to the burning houses or buildings.

The construction industry is known as one of the most dangerous industries in the U.S.

The Construction Sites are Not a Child’s Play

Nowadays, several hi-tech technologies have come into being. The construction industry has also advanced a lot.

With all the heavy duty equipment, an array of dangerous materials as well as the unpredictability of the terrain, it does not appear surprising that the construction sites are a dangerous as well as extremely unsafe environment.

With an array of flammable materials present in the building site, the construction sites must follow a few safety measures.

Value of Construction Fire Safety

Buildings face one of the greatest risks of fire in the construction phase. In the recent years, there have been several instances of fire in the major construction sites.

Every year, there are several cases of serious fire in the construction sites and the buildings undergoing refurbishment.

Conducting fire risk assessment is necessary to prevent fire in the construction sites. In several cases, conducting risk assessment will be a simple and a straightforward task; this may be carried out by a responsible individual, or an individual nominated by them, for example, a consultant.

There are several steps in carrying out the fire risk assessment.

Identify Hazard

Consider how a fire may start and the things that it may burn.

People at Risk

The employees, visitors, contractors, and anyone who are vulnerable, like the disabled.

Action and Evaluation

Consider the hazards and act fast for protecting people as well as premises.

Record, Plan and Train

Keep a record of the risks as well as the actions that are being taken. Make sure that you have a clear fire safety plan and ensure that the workers understand what they should do in instances of a fire.


Check out on the assessment regularly and make sure that it takes into account the changes that are taking place at the construction site.

Fire Safety Responsibility

Fire safety is the responsibility of all involved in the construction projects. This includes the employers, workers, visitors and the local and the provincial authorities. Each participant has a specific role to play here; when this is combined with the effort of others, this can help to bring down the risk of construction site fires.

Construction Fire Safety Tips

Let us take a look at some tips and guidelines that must be followed at the construction sites to ensure that no fire breaks out or even if it does, the workers remain well protected.

• Inform the fire department about the construction project well in advance. This is very important as the fire department can aid you in developing a fire protection plan that abides by the guidelines set up in basic fire safety regulations.

• Avoid using open flames as much as possible in the construction sites. If you can’t find an alternative, make sure that the fire does not become too hard to control.

• If you must use hazardous materials or devices like propane torches and welding machines, ensure that there are at least two fire extinguishers in the construction site, close to the area these machines are being made use of.

• Remove all the combustible materials from the construction area soon after you are done. Also make sure that you place a fire resistant cover on them so that fire does not get ignited when there is no one to put it out.

• While you are using chemical solvents, ensure proper ventilation in the area. This will avoid fumes of building up or exploding.

The construction sites have always been one of the most dangerous as well as accident prone areas. Since there is a multitude of workers involved, make sure that you take all possible steps to ensure safety. This will help you to keep the workers safe and allow you to complete the construction project in a hassle free way.

Contributed By: Auto Fire & Safety Consultant