The Benefits Of Using Search.XYZ

Jon Grant
Jon Grant
Mar 26 · 3 min read

Search engines are vital portals that just about everyone uses to gain information for the things that they need. A quick jump online will reveal a few different search engines, such as and Google. Traditionally, people were drawn to Google for its consistency with useful results. However, the opinions about this search engine have changed and new contenders are coming into the search engine market. These other search engines, including, have many benefits over the traditional Google engine.

Less Advertisements

If you’ve watched the other major search engines evolve over the years, ads have been coming full blast. You can’t search for anything without having advertisements in at least a few different places on the screen. It can get quite annoying as you’re trying to discover the answer to your question, not to buy something that is somewhat related to what you’re searching about. With you only deal with a small number of advertisements.

No Unique User Searches

One of the major problems that people are having with the traditional search engines is the filter that is placed on their results. Google states that they are able to view the users’ interaction with their search engine to create more unique viewing experiences. This can be somewhat overwhelming and make it difficult to get the accurate results that you want to see for each individual term search. With, you can get completely unfiltered search results.

More Visual Aids

As the technology world changes, so do our preferences. There’s a major reason that YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the web, it shares video aids. We like to learn through pictures, not text. For this reason, includes visual aids for each one of its search results. This allows you to connect your search with the right pictures which will help you get the answer to the questions that you wanted. These pictures help to break up the text as well so you’re not overwhelmed by the search results.

No Data Collection

One thing that you may not be aware of is that Google tracks your specific data. They use this data for their own research. These are things like your location, age, sex, and interests. While they say this information is meant to help create a more unique viewing experience, it can seem like a great obstruction of privacy. With, you never have to worry about your personal data being tracked or stored by the search engine. This can allow you to search for what you need in peace.

Using a new search engine may feel like an overwhelming task at first. What happens if it’s not the data I’m looking for? What if I don’t like the formatting of the search engine? There are a lot of what ifs you can continue to ask or you can try it out. has so many benefits over traditional search engines, like Google, as you can see from the information that was included above. There’s really no reason you shouldn’t give a chance to give you high-quality search results.

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